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body piercing Lake City FLThe idea for an upscale piercing salon was conceived in 2014 after our frustration with conventional piercing locations in the area. It took over a year, but finally our dream became reality Thanksgiving 2015.

With none of the "creepy" feel of some tattoo/piercing shops, our shop feels like home yet the piercing room has the clean look and feel you would expect from a medical setting.

Many people in Lake City would drive to Starke, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee or even Valdosta for their piercings due to lack of options. Now they have a choice!

With over 16 years of experience, Justin is professional, quick and gentle. He is experienced in many piercings others in our area won't attempt. And with $25 basic piercings, he is super affordable. Dermal are only $30.

We even offer safe, non "ear-gun" piercing for children with notarized parental consent. The ear piercings offered with the "ear-gun" are not recommended as they are not sterile like single use needles and because of the blunt tips of the earring, they cause unnecessary tissue damage.

For those who are true piercing junkies, genital and specialized piercings are priced accordingly. Call today for a quote on your newest piercing.

Phone: 386-292-0972

Justin Mitchell Lake City FL Body Piercing Justin Mitchell
Cutting Edge Body Piercing

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